The Best Face Masks In The Biz

The Best Face Masks In The Biz

It occurred to me last month that “face masking” is probably my number one favourite hobby so I’m trustworthy when it comes to choosing the best face masks – promise!

I was on a sub-par date at a fancy cocktail bar, when, during a uncomfortably long lapse in conversation, my date asked how I liked to spend my time outside of work. I paused as three little images popped into my head: a bottle of wine, my laptop playing an episode of reality TV, and my face swaddled by a sheet mask. Oh, you know, I mostly spend my evenings cookingreading or watching documentaries, I lied through my red wine-stained teeth. Given my interest in him (zero), it’s curious that I painted this false, pseudo-sophisticated picture of myself. But, c‘est la vie, I’m now here to set the record straight.

I love everything about face masks. I love the initial research phase (a.k.a loitering in the depths of Mecca and Sephora, getting the DL on each community member’s views on different masks). I love the ritual of getting in my schleppiest clothes, firing up an episode of Love Island, and pouring myself a generous glass of wine, or plopping into the bath with nothing but my favourite candle and my own thoughts to keep me company. I love the selfies they produce (mostly a bit scary or awkward, and not at all like the ones I’ve spied on cute girl’s Instagram’s). I love that this sybaritic form of escapism leads to plump, happy skin, and I love exchanging testimonials with friends with the type of enthusiasm usually reserved for things like Christmas and finding leftovers in the fridge when a hangover is threatening to end your life.

I used the following four metrics as a base for my ~research~ into the best face masks in the biz: Worth Your Dime, Instagram-Worthy, Luminosity Factor, and Fun Factor. With those quantifiers behind me, I set off to spend a month indulging my favourite hobby**, only to emerge with the most comprehensive guide to face masks you ever did see. From my face to yours, happy masking friends!

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