What Books Are Currently Keeping You Up At Night?

What Books Are Currently Keeping You Up At Night?

My biggest goal in life is to belong to a book club as I want to know all the best book recommendations for women. Dream big! Reach for the stars!

Ever since I was a small human and devoured the entire Goosebumps and Baby Sitters Club series faster than you could dog ear a page, I have been feverishly smitten with reading books. I still maintain there is no greater feeling than finding a book that keeps you hooked into the early hours of the morning; one that haunts your thoughts long after you’ve left it behind on your bedside table to start the day.

I have been known to (literally) bump into people on the street while flicking through whatever novel was gobbling up my attention at the time. A divine older woman saluted me on the bus the other day for reading an actual tangible book rather than the Internet. “Thank you”, I replied, strategically omitting the part of my own life’s narrative whereby my phone was rendered unusable after drop-throwing* it on the airport floor.

Despite this obsession, all my attempts to start and maintain a book club have been slaughtered by the demands of adult life. People are busy, work hours are long, books get pushed to the bottom of priority lists. I get it, I really do, but that does not mean I will accept it, and this is where you come in! Let’s rise like an odyssey of phoenix’s from the ashes of my fallen book clubs and start our own. I want tears to splash down onto bed sheets. I want our collective laughter to remind all those within earshot of Ed from The Lion King’s raucous LOLs. I want us to hang out in the comments section for eternity, braiding each other’s hair and swapping notes on all the novels that have fed our spirits, warmed our hearts, and helped us to make sense of the world around us.

I’ll start! I read two of Roxanne Gay’s stellar novels recently—Bad Feminist and Hunger—and both made me cry and laugh, truly shifting my perspective on a few very important subjects (most notably opening my eyes a little wider to the cruel and inhumane way society judges and condemns “unruly” bodies.) I cannot recommend either book more. Junot Dìaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao also tickled my brain. My god, Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series robbed me of many, many hours of sleep, but I wouldn’t trade what I gained in return for all the naps in the world.

But I’m still thirsty for more, so please hydrate me with your own book suggestions in the comments section below!

*Drop-throwing is exactly what it sounds like: the subject accidentally pegs the object at the floor out of excitement/nervousness/surprise, or in this case, a confluence of all three. 


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